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Trolling Bags

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Trolling Bags
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Big Papa Trolling Bag 


Besides slowing the boat, trolling bags give more stability in rougher conditions.

bulletSlows your boat without cutting back on the throttle
bulletMade of lightweight but durable vinyl-coated nylon. Can be easily folded into a small package for storage.
bullet4 strong 1" polypro webbing straps sewn all of way along the bag w/built-in loops.  Wide and narrow ends reinforced with webbing along entire opening.
bulletWeighted bottom & float on top for easy deployment
bulletBag should be run in approximately the middle of the boat.  Tie rope to each loop on bag & then attach to boat. 
bulletUse in pairs recommended for trolling
bulletOdd numbers can be used to straighten boat when boat is "crabbing" & lines are not running straight.
bullet6 size bags for every boat size - Size is measured along the curve of the wide end when the bag is laying flat.
bullet2 sets of bags (1 larger & 1 smaller) can sometimes be used to slow large boats.
bulletCan be used as a drift sock or sea anchor (required for charter captains)
bulletNot recommended for use on boats with little freeboard (e.g. bass boats)

Due to boat material (fiberglass or aluminum) and differences in weight, engine size, speed reached when throttle is dropped & other factors, recommended sizes may vary.  We do not recommend trolling at idle speed (or just above idle) due to lack of oil pressure & steering control.  We recommend trolling at 800-1,000 RPM.   Call us @ 248-344-0958 if unsure of which size to get.

General Recommended Sizes
(Speed reached at 800-1,000 RPM is the most important factor)
Size Salmon Walleye
22" Up to 18' boat  
25" 18' - 22' boat Up to 15' boat
28" 22' - 25' boat 15' - 17' boat
36" 25' - 30' boat 17' - 21' boat
42" 30' - 35' boat 21 - 24' boat
48" Over 35' boat Over 24' boat

Warranty:   We make our bags with care from high quality materials and have customers who have used them for years.  We will repair or replace a bag due to manufacturers defect for 1 year.  Sorry, but we cannot warranty damage due to boat acceleration while bag is still in the water.

22"  $38.99
25"  $42.99
28"  $49.99
36"  $61.99
42"  $74.99
48"  $89.99


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