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Big Papa Products
Crawler Harness Storage Box
Harness Tender
The Fish Grip

Made In The USA


Hoochie Hammock Hoochie Hammock
Holds up to 8" flashers
Super Hoochie Hammock Super Hoochie Hammock 
Holds up to 10" flashers
Diver Duffle Diver Duffle 
Holds salmon divers
Planer Pocket  Planer Pocket
Holds 4 in-line planer boards
     Bottom Bouncer Bag Bottom Bouncer Bag
Has 8 pockets for bottom bouncers
Blade Organizer Harness Blade Organizer
Has 24 pockets
CH Storage Box 

Crawler Harness Storage Box

Big Papa Trolling Bag

Trolling Bags

Storage Bag

Storage Bags for Trolling Bags


Fish Bag

Log Book   

Log Book